Month: January 2014

Artist Media and Web Presence

There are many things an artist or group can do to make themselves more marketable, but maybe the most important tools for “selling yourself” are your media and website. Photos, video, and even professional audio clips are all important for showcasing your abilities and making yourself the group that everyone has to have at their next event. Without good quality media, you may be selling yourself short. A bad video can take away from your true talents and image. This is the same even with a photo. The better quality your media, the more time and effort everyone can see that you put into making yourself look good. This not only reflects your own self-confidence, but how much you care about your group. And yes, these things cost money. But you don’t have to spend all you have to get a good quality video or photo made. In return, with better video/photos/audio, you are making yourself more marketable. And the more marketable you are, the more gigs you will get (and money you will make). Sounds like a good plan, right? If you don’t particularly know anyone who could help you get really good photos/video, reach out to friends you know who do have good media and get them to recommend someone to you.

We wanted to feature a few Key Signature musicians who are good representations of media we love to see from our artists.

For a solo musician, Matt Stratford has great photo/video. Matt is a favorite of many of our clients, and his photos and videos showcase his likeable personality.


One of our bigger bands, Bull City Syndicate, has a fantastic band video. It is a mix of live performances and interviews with the musicians. It gives a genuine feel of what it would be like to work with the group, and how good their performance will be. A video like this lets the client get to know you, and love you, before they even meet you!

As far as your website; keep it simple (and user-friendly). Too many bright colors and crazy graphics can distract a visitor from your product. Let your music, videos, audio, and photos do the talking. Too many artists don’t take the time to make sure their website looks good, if they even have one. In today’s world, your website is the first impression people get of you when they’re searching for that go-to group. If you can control that, wouldn’t you want to give them the best first impression possible? For¬†agencies, it can be frustrating looking for a certain type of act and finding a bad website or no website. Cluttered sites with low quality media make it hard to figure out if a group is actually good or not.¬†As far as social media; if you choose to participate, be active. These sites are all about connecting. Take the time to give a genuine response to a comment on your post, or even a new follower on Twitter. A little can go a long way to create a new relationship with a prospective client or fan.



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