Month: October 2017

The First 156 Days…


My name is Mikayla. As a recent graduate in a brand new city, with no Charlottean friends, it was a miracle I found Key Signature thanks to an extremely kind stranger at the time (thank you Carla). I started off as an intern, because, who was this random girl right out of college? I had to prove myself.  Prove that I could belong with this company that I just discovered existed and could provide me with a career in the job field that I actually got a degree in.  I never thought that would happen – but there I was with an open door in front of me.


I had to learn fast.  And I had to learn who Key Signature’s friends were.  My first networking experience was an ILEA field trip where we drank mimosas on the bus ride, and there was an open bar, ATV rides and trap shooting at the venue.  I thought, I could get used to this.  I met some great people, and forgot names as fast as I learned them.  I realized there, that I would learn about who Key Signature was through these people, not just through my boss, Brandon and co-worker, Carlton.

I started to learn the emotional side of our business through these networking events. How much these people respect Brandon and the company he’s built, and how caring and helpful this community was, and how welcomed I felt. I realized that this was an environment in which I could see myself thrive. I also realized how important the customer service side of this job would be – thankfully I had a lot of experience in that field already. Although I’d soon learn that customer service in New York was much different than customer service in North Carolina.

I started to absorb every detail about this company that I could from Brandon and Carlton.  We started scheduling meetings where we had to become representatives of the company and relay every detail of what we do. I realized that there’s a lot of different things that make up Key Signature.  We book music,but people don’t always realize all the different types of music we can book, from local solo musicians to big party bands, to national artists.  We also book holiday entertainment and family entertainment and corporate entertainment and speakers and really, anything you could possibly want that falls in the ‘entertainment’ category for an event.  If you can imagine, that requires a huge database and I’m still learning it all.



After about two months, I was hired as a full time employee with Key Signature – woohoo!! But then I had to prove not only that I belonged here, but that I could be a true asset to the company.  That’s where I am now.  I’ve learned what the company does, and now it’s time to make my footprint in it.

What I know at this point is that I’m extremely lucky to be a part of the Key Signature team and I still have a lot to learn, but the possibilities are endless. Stick around to see where this journey takes us – I’m just as curious as you are!