Change Can Be A Culture Shock

Author: Carlton A. Burt

How do you adapt to change? What I should ask is how should you adapt to change? Since my time of joining the Key Signature team, I’ve learned that change is a constant thing. I was (am) a person who likes stability and for things to stay that way forever. Some of you are probably laughing at me and thinking that this millennial needs to get real!

I’m reminded of a scene from the movie Elf  giphy where Buddy and his little brother are being picked on but Buddy begins to rapidly throw snowballs at the bullies. Well, life is just like Buddy and rapidly throwing unexpected things that will sometimes knock you down on your behind.

It was a normal day at the office for me, until Brandon said he was about to have an interview for an intern position. I wasn’t intimidated until I saw this very impressive four page resume and the fact that this new girl is here a whole thirty minutes early for this interview. I am not ever thirty minutes early for work. When Brandon told me that this new girl, Mikayla, would be joining us as an intern who would hopefully turn into a full-time employee, I secretly started praying in my head.

“Oh God, don’t let me lose my job to this new girl.” “God, I mean she seems cool and all but I need You to not let her take my place!”

That change was big for me. I had JUST gotten in a good groove working with Brandon all by myself. This front half of the office was my domain and now I have to share it?! Oh no! I was not having it. That was my mindset for about a month and a half into Mikayla working at Key Signature.It wasn’t until a conversation with Brandon and actually seeing how Mikayla was bringing out a lot of good in my work ethic that I realized how this new change was for the good of the company. MMCBSince then, we have started to take on the event world by storm. The three of us make up a strong tripod.

Change is something that we deal with in our office on a daily basis. We have to always look ahead and be ready for anything to happen. Dates, times, and venues can change for a booking in the blink of an eye. We have to transition to that well so our artists can have an easier time adapting to that quick change.

I have seen in my time here how quick things can change. You may be asking how I handle that now. I just go with it. Dwelling on what was can be time wasted so I have to quickly adjust to what is new and know that there is always something new happening. Talks with Brandon can be very insightful.GroupSome of you may take that statement very sarcastic or loosely, but it’s true. He once told me that life (or whatever situation that is for you) does not necessarily get easier, we just get better at dealing with it. That is a phrase that will continue to get me through any change or culture shock that comes my way.

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