Month: March 2018

Good People Good Music

My name is Brandon and I’m the President and owner of Key Signature Entertainment.  


We’re coming up on 10 years in business and I thought it was time to finally write a blog of my own.  We’ve gone through a few changes over the years like any other company, but one thing has remained consistent.  Our love for the music and what we do is unwavering. For us it really is about the music and entertaining our customers.  We really do want you to choose and get the best bands/musicians both musically and professionally.  We are a staff of college degree trained musicians who book musicians!  I don’t think most people know that about us. I’ve struggled with the company’s identity because we do so much.  Some of our clients think we only produce outdoor festivals, music series, and concerts.  Others think we only book live music for private parties, weddings, and special events.  Some just use us 


for family entertainment like face painters and balloon twisters. I see how all of this can be confusing and I’ve tried to reconcile it all, but finally decided not to.  Why should we?  We do it ALL!

We wear a lot of different hats here and we’re good at it.  Why streamline the company if we can provide great ideas, suggestions, and service effectively and efficiently? Now of course there are hiccups along the way and those of you who are in the event industry know that we become more like crisis managers than event planners especially while onsite. We try to predict the impossible before it happens in and out of the office. 

I was at an event a few weeks ago checking out one of my favorite bands.  I got to talking to one of the lead singers during the band break.  She was very appreciative that KSE has taken on booking the band and the efforts we’ve put in to getting the band gigs. I told her that we like to work with good people and we like good music. That is the most important thing to us. She suggested that I trademark that and it stuck with me. Good people and good music are exactly who we are and who we work with.  We just want to help you find good people and good music for your event. In our industry its usually the band with the best promo who gets the gig, but not necessarily the best band.

AG3_2508Most of our clients try to hear with their eyes and we do our best to navigate those waters, but sometimes you just have to trust us. We may suggest a band to you that has one video to view over another that has 20 and its because we truly believe that one band is musically and professionally better.  I know that might be hard to go with, but think of it this way……do you usually tell your mechanic what parts to use when they are fixing your car?  You probably just trust that it will work. Keep giving us the opportunity to provide Good People and Good Music for you and your events and give our suggestions a try.  You won’t be disappointed.