Perfect Cadence: Defining Moments in Our KSE Family

Toward the end of 2019, the Key Signature team decided to come up with a way to tell our audience about some of the great relationships we have with our musicians and how we became so close-knit. The bulk of our social media output is often focused on the event professional, although the professional musician is equally important. Check out some of these defining moments that brought us closer to the talented musicians who we consider to be a part of our Key Signature Family.

Jeff Brown

February 21, 2020 | Brandon Crumpton

We probably get the most “Thank You’s” from our friend Jeff Brown. Jeff and I have probably known each other for well over a decade. I think we were both trying to crack our way into the Charlotte music scene around the same time.

Jeff seems to be always working on his craft and trying to be the best guitarist and vocalist he can be. Anytime he’s in project mode we get a message saying “check out this new video” or “do you think this is something you can use?” He reminds us of why we do what we do and the impact our efforts have on musician’s lives and careers. He always says “I couldn’t do what I do if it wasn’t for you guys”. Thanks, Jeff! That is always nice to hear.

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Matt Miller

February 28, 2020 | Mikayla Mendels

Key Signature’s relationships with our artists is based on the mutual trust and respect we have with one another. This typically takes a little while to develop, but Matt Miller aka “Shorty” with the Flat Tire Trio had an immediate trust with our company. We started working together, and during the process of adding their artist profile on our website, they made Key Signature the contact on their website without hesitation. This was a huge sign of respect towards our company, and really made Flat Tire stand out to us.

Flat Tire is so easy to work with, and they always make our clients happy. We have a great partnership, and Matt is always willing to accommodate whatever crazy requests we throw his way. As we’ve continued to build trust and respect with each other, our partnership has only grown stronger, and we always love when we have an opportunity to work together. Thanks for always representing our motto, Matt!

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Tius, Brandon and Mikayla with Key Signature

Key Signature Entertainment
Company Profile:

Brandon Crumpton, owner of Key Signature Entertainment, started booking live music for events over 15 years ago. He has led the company through a growth period booking and producing entertainment to an average of over 700 events a year. Key Signature Entertainment has 3 full-time employees and has developed an event staff to assist with larger, award-winning events throughout the season. Key Signature Entertainment was recently chosen as the 2018 Service Provider of the Year by the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority. This honor was voted on by key decision-makers in Charlotte’s hospitality and events industry.

Early in his career, Brandon realized that event professionals and musicians speak a different language. He noticed that both were trying to achieve the same results, but just went about the process differently. He built Key Signature Entertainment with the goal of bridging that communication gap so that both musicians and event professionals could produce successful events effectively and efficiently.

Services offered by Key Signature Entertainment include band booking, research, vetting and concert production. Our specialty is taking your ideas and creating a live music experience for both you and your guests to enjoy.

Key Signature Entertainment is a company of musicians who book musicians. Our motto is “Good People, Good Music”; we understand that we are in the people business first and the music business second. We’ve created an easy process to find, secure and contract the right entertainment for your event. We understand that it can be difficult to know if the live entertainment you’re hiring is talented and professional, so let us use our 15+ years of expertise in music and people to secure the right fit for your event.

Call us at (704) 568-1968 or go to the How to Book page to fill out the form, and we’ll have a representative contact you to help find, select and secure the right entertainment for your event. To learn more about Key Signature, visit our Who We Are page.

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