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3 Live Music Ideas For Spring & Summer Weddings

Our motto is Good People, Good Music. We understand that we are in the people business first and the music business second, and we pride ourselves on the relationships that we uphold with our clients and musicians. Here are 3 live music ideas if you are planning a spring or summer wedding!


1. Guitar

The guitar is one of the world’s most versatile and beautiful-sounding instruments. If your client is looking for a graceful yet dynamic sound for their wedding ceremony, traditional wedding pieces for solo guitar with popular tunes mixed in for variety can be the perfect way to set the mood.


2. String Duo

An acoustic guitar and cello duo is a unique complement to an otherwise traditional springtime wedding. Most ensembles have large enough repertoires to accommodate any requests your client may have, and are often willing to learn a piece or two to make their special day as memorable as can be.


3. Steel Drums

Summer time is right around the corner, and who doesn’t love the beach? If your client is planning an island getaway-themed wedding, steel drums are ideal for creating that worry-free vacation atmosphere.



Key Signature Entertainment

Company Profile:

Brandon Crumpton, owner of Key Signature Entertainment, started booking live music for events over 15 years ago. He has lead the company through a growth period booking and producing entertainment to an average of over 700 events a year. Key Signature Entertainment has 2 full time employees and has developed an event staff to assist with larger, award winning events through out the season.

Early in his career, Brandon realized that event professionals and musicians speak a different language. He noticed that both were trying to achieve the same results, but just went about the process differently. He built Key Signature Entertainment with the goal of bridging that communication gap so that both musicians and event professionals could produce successful events effectively and efficiently.

Services offered by Key Signature Entertainment include band booking, research, vetting, and concert production. Our specialty is taking your ideas and creating a live music experience for both you and your guests to enjoy.

Key Signature Entertainment is a company of musicians who book musicians. Our motto is “Good People, Good Music”. We understand that we are in the people business first and the music business second. We’ve created an easy process to find, secure, and contract the right entertainment for your event. We understand that it can be difficult to know if the live entertainment you’re hiring is talented and professional, so let us use our expertise in music and people to secure the right fit for your event.

Call us at (704) 568-1968 or go to the Who We Are page to fill out the form, and we’ll have a representative contact you to help find, select and secure the right entertainment for your event.


Change Can Be A Culture Shock

Author: Carlton A. Burt

How do you adapt to change? What I should ask is how should you adapt to change? Since my time of joining the Key Signature team, I’ve learned that change is a constant thing. I was (am) a person who likes stability and for things to stay that way forever. Some of you are probably laughing at me and thinking that this millennial needs to get real!

I’m reminded of a scene from the movie Elf  giphy where Buddy and his little brother are being picked on but Buddy begins to rapidly throw snowballs at the bullies. Well, life is just like Buddy and rapidly throwing unexpected things that will sometimes knock you down on your behind.

It was a normal day at the office for me, until Brandon said he was about to have an interview for an intern position. I wasn’t intimidated until I saw this very impressive four page resume and the fact that this new girl is here a whole thirty minutes early for this interview. I am not ever thirty minutes early for work. When Brandon told me that this new girl, Mikayla, would be joining us as an intern who would hopefully turn into a full-time employee, I secretly started praying in my head.

“Oh God, don’t let me lose my job to this new girl.” “God, I mean she seems cool and all but I need You to not let her take my place!”

That change was big for me. I had JUST gotten in a good groove working with Brandon all by myself. This front half of the office was my domain and now I have to share it?! Oh no! I was not having it. That was my mindset for about a month and a half into Mikayla working at Key Signature.It wasn’t until a conversation with Brandon and actually seeing how Mikayla was bringing out a lot of good in my work ethic that I realized how this new change was for the good of the company. MMCBSince then, we have started to take on the event world by storm. The three of us make up a strong tripod.

Change is something that we deal with in our office on a daily basis. We have to always look ahead and be ready for anything to happen. Dates, times, and venues can change for a booking in the blink of an eye. We have to transition to that well so our artists can have an easier time adapting to that quick change.

I have seen in my time here how quick things can change. You may be asking how I handle that now. I just go with it. Dwelling on what was can be time wasted so I have to quickly adjust to what is new and know that there is always something new happening. Talks with Brandon can be very insightful.GroupSome of you may take that statement very sarcastic or loosely, but it’s true. He once told me that life (or whatever situation that is for you) does not necessarily get easier, we just get better at dealing with it. That is a phrase that will continue to get me through any change or culture shock that comes my way.

The First 156 Days…


My name is Mikayla. As a recent graduate in a brand new city, with no Charlottean friends, it was a miracle I found Key Signature thanks to an extremely kind stranger at the time (thank you Carla). I started off as an intern, because, who was this random girl right out of college? I had to prove myself.  Prove that I could belong with this company that I just discovered existed and could provide me with a career in the job field that I actually got a degree in.  I never thought that would happen – but there I was with an open door in front of me.


I had to learn fast.  And I had to learn who Key Signature’s friends were.  My first networking experience was an ILEA field trip where we drank mimosas on the bus ride, and there was an open bar, ATV rides and trap shooting at the venue.  I thought, I could get used to this.  I met some great people, and forgot names as fast as I learned them.  I realized there, that I would learn about who Key Signature was through these people, not just through my boss, Brandon and co-worker, Carlton.

I started to learn the emotional side of our business through these networking events. How much these people respect Brandon and the company he’s built, and how caring and helpful this community was, and how welcomed I felt. I realized that this was an environment in which I could see myself thrive. I also realized how important the customer service side of this job would be – thankfully I had a lot of experience in that field already. Although I’d soon learn that customer service in New York was much different than customer service in North Carolina.

I started to absorb every detail about this company that I could from Brandon and Carlton.  We started scheduling meetings where we had to become representatives of the company and relay every detail of what we do. I realized that there’s a lot of different things that make up Key Signature.  We book music,but people don’t always realize all the different types of music we can book, from local solo musicians to big party bands, to national artists.  We also book holiday entertainment and family entertainment and corporate entertainment and speakers and really, anything you could possibly want that falls in the ‘entertainment’ category for an event.  If you can imagine, that requires a huge database and I’m still learning it all.



After about two months, I was hired as a full time employee with Key Signature – woohoo!! But then I had to prove not only that I belonged here, but that I could be a true asset to the company.  That’s where I am now.  I’ve learned what the company does, and now it’s time to make my footprint in it.

What I know at this point is that I’m extremely lucky to be a part of the Key Signature team and I still have a lot to learn, but the possibilities are endless. Stick around to see where this journey takes us – I’m just as curious as you are!

The Year In Review (So Far)


We’ve had a whirlwind past few months here at Key Signature Entertainment! When the weather is warm, we’re on the move planning and producing what seems like an endless stream of concerts and events (which is a great problem to have). Hopefully you’ve had the chance to make it out to a few shows this concert season. We’ve put on so many, from the Freedom Summer Series with local and regional jazz artists, the Stumptown Park Series in downtown Matthews, our weekly Party in the Park series at Romare Bearden Park uptown, and so many more. Just two weekends ago we produced not one but TWO festivals in one weekend! Can you say crazy? Both Matthews Alive and The Bearden Birthday Bash were a huge success this year. We’re lucky to have a great team of people to fall back on and help us work these events, because there are so many moving parts behind the scenes!

In it’s 22nd year, Matthews Alive continues to grow and just get better and better. We had a great lineup of performers this year, including The Legendary Tams, Springsteen Tribute- Bruce in the USA, and Country superstars LITTLE TEXAS. We had three different stages and dozens of performers over the four day festival, and we couldn’t have done it without the amazing team we had helping coordinate all of those performers at once! We had everything from magicians, a hypnotist, a singer-songwriter series, a show choir, and many great local and regional acts covering many genres. A special thanks to all of our friends with The Town of Matthews and Matthews Alive! Here are a few photos from the festival. Click on the photos to go to our complete Matthews Alive album on Facebook: 1) Springsteen Tribute Bruce in the USA rocked the Main Stage on Saturday, August 30th  2) Grammy nominated Country superstars LITTLE TEXAS put on a rockin’ country show Sunday night on august 31st


Bruce in the USA

Bruce in the USA




The Bearden Birthday Bash was also a success, as we along with Mecklenburg County Park & Rec celebrated one full year of programming at this beautiful uptown park. We celebrated for three days from August 29th-August 31st with local and regional jazz artists. Also at the festival were many local artists displaying and selling their pieces, food trucks, roving entertainment including caricatures artists and face painters, and so much more! It was a hot weekend but the crowds didn’t seem to mind the heat and we had great audiences all weekend! A special thanks to our friends at Party Reflections, JHE Productions, and all of the Key Signature team that came out to make this festival a success! Click on the photo to see our complete Facebook album from this event: 1) A panoramic shot of the stage and crown at Romare Bearden Park


Bearden Birthday Bash

Bearden Birthday Bash

Even after all of these great shows, event season isn’t over just yet! We’re excited for what is still to come this year, so make sure to keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter to find out what’s coming up next!

Hannibal- Unique Inspirational Theater

We love our magicians here at KS. But we can hardly call some of them that, because they are really so much more. We’ve been working with Chris Hannibal, better known as Hannibal, for a long time now. This Charlotte native has used his talent and personality to become one of the top magicians in the WORLD. Check this out!


Top 10 Magicians in North America!

Have you heard???  Charlotte’s very own, unique inspirational magic artist, Chris Hannibal, will be representing North America in the World Championship of Magic in July 2015!!!

Chris Hannibal has been enchanting us with his unique, close up magic tricks and inspirational theater shows in Charlotte for over 20 years!  Hannibal is talented and fortunate enough to travel the world with his craft.  Spending a lot of time living out of suitcases and hotel rooms, he endearingly documents his adventures as #gypsyboots and loves every bit of it.

Traveling the world being as experienced and talented as he is, Hannibal has made many friends along the way.  About a year ago, a good friend and FISM Grand Prix Champion, Shawn Farquhar offered his opinion that Hannibal needed more recognition from fellow magicians and suggested that FISM was just the place for it.   After watching Hannibal’s ‘Silver Memories” act, he felt that the act was beautiful and worthy of the award (See sample of “Silver Memories” here: ).

For those of us outside of the magical world, FISM is THE organization that brings together the world’s best magicians in a competition for the most prestigious title.  FISM, Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques, has been in existence since 1948 and consists of both national and international magic societies which are subdivided into 6 continental divisions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Oceania.

Hannibal readily submitted a sample video of one of his close up magic shows along with over 200 other close up magicians.  He carried on his gypsyboots life until receiving a phone call inviting him to proceed with the interview process.  The FISM organization was tasked with narrowing down the 200 gifted magicians to a total of24.  Part of the process was completing very intense interviews with the head of the contest committee.   FISM was in search for not only the talent and entertainment, but the heart and soul of each presentation.  The 24 best magicians were invited to St. Louis, MO to compete for 7 slots available to North America in the world Championship next summer.  Hannibal moved on in the competition as one of the 24 magicians to compete for FISM North America.

Earlier this month, FISM held its FISM North America Competition.  The four long, competitive days complete with unbelievable talent was worth this incredible journey because Hannibal was awarded one of the 7 slots!  Hannibal says, “Support and inspiration from family, friends, and respected colleagues motivated me, and while you can be inspired by many things, you HAVE to motivate yourself, so that’s what I did”.

We look forward to following Hannibal’s gypsy boots journey to FISM World Championship next summer!  If you haven’t attended a Chris Hannibal show or motivational seminar, you absolutely need to! Who doesn’t want to witness one of the top 10 magicians of North America?!


If you want to learn more about Hannibal, click here!